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Instagram @artofmarabelle
Where I mainly photo-document weird West Philadelphia and occasionally show art, works in progress, and sometimes food.

Twitter @artofmarabelle
For ranting, spying on others, and having a good laugh at everything in 144 characters or less.

Facebook: The Art of Marabelle
Where I used to opine long about #artistproblems.

Pinterest: The Art of Marabelle
Pinning, collecting, and nesting like mad right here. This is my "professional" Pinterest for pinning my own things. You can also follow my _personal_ Pinterest here, where I pin a crazy amount of vegan and gluten-free recipes and jawn about fairies, demons, octopi, and alchemical things.

A kind of image dumping ground I keep... because I like looking around on there about as much as I like looking around on Pinterest.

I started to blog and fell off, mainly flooding it with my beautiful Instagram photos of West Philly.

Artists, even prolific extroverted introverts, are always interested in networking. And jobs doing things. We are sometimes interested in those as well.