Welcome to the weird! I'm a Philadelphia-based artist who specializes in original Contemporary Surrealism & weird Fantasy Art collage and illustration... all with a very antique print feel, and dark undertones... as well as creating colorful, unique modern botanicals, and very tasteful erotic surrealism (my most popular art!). As a classically trained artist, I am inspired by aspects of pop art, dada (dadaism), modern illustration, and traditional surrealism and juxtapose them like puzzle pieces into a slightly macabre sort of dark surrealism art. It's kind of funny to me how even the pieces I think are the funnest seem to make other people feel... a little unsettled, like they can see the darkness peeking through the cracks. But who doesn't love peeking inside other people's brains? I know I do.

Follow me on Instagram for strange photographic journeys and wandering paths, or visit my Etsy Art Print Shop for new and exciting universes this year as I round out my collections of Fantastic Beasts and Cabinet of Curiosities from the depths of my extremely peculiar and papery dreams.

I'm building new, exciting worlds all the time, and I offer my inner paracosms to you for your viewing enjoyment, sometimes on my sporadic Pinterest Boards. My original art collage & digital illustration has many surreal art themes: anatomical art, biology & scientific art, brain art, erotic floral anatomy art, unique botanical collage, fantasy art, and surreal art of the human, animal, and alien anatomy variety; demons, fairies, angels and other supernatural creatures; Victorian inspired animal people; whimsical mythology; and flights of fancy with butterflies, snakes, crows, moons, mushrooms, stars, and more. 

I ship these unusual whimsical wonderful weird artworks worldwide and year-round from my Etsy Art Print Shop. Sometimes I offer stained glass ornaments, original art on canvas, postcards, greeting cards, and weird little art dolls. I bet you'll find the perfect unique art print gift right there for someone adorably weird you know! Or yourself.

I've been often told that my head must be an interesting place to live...